Distinguished by Excellence

Distinguished by Excellence

The urge to remember

The desire to perpetuate the memory of a departed loved one is one of man's deepest spiritual impulses.  It seeks expression in a variety of reverent and symbolic forms.  Love and faith are renewed in remembering.  Truly, "the things that were hardest to bear are the sweetest to remember."


At the Jefferson Monument Works, we have always based our business integrity on the precept that each family be accorded our complete assistance and fullest cooperation. 

You are invited to call us at 1-800-397-9344 for any further information.

We thank you for considering us and trust we may serve you.


Why you should rely on Jefferson Monument Works

    We handle only the finest, first quality domestic and imported memorial granites in many colors.
    We have been an established dealer for over 60 years, with over thirty-nine years experience designing and building monuments.  This experience enables us to offer design, styles, colors and type of memorials that we may build to your specifications.
    We maintain two large displays in central Iowa.
    Each family is different.  So should each monument be different.  We are well qualified to design your family memorial, whether small or large.  The design of your monument should be fitting for the individual family.  This is a very important decision.
    All design and inscription work is done in our own plant where we have complete control of all the processes a fine memorial must go through to perfection.  Each is given thorough and precise care.
    Although it is least seen it is important that the foundation of the memorial be SOLID, DEEP, and NEAT.  We have a large investment in the very best setting equipment to assure each family of a proper foundation for their memorial.
    Buying in a large volume makes it possible for us to take advantage of factory volume rates, lower freight rates and lower costs for supplies and equipment.  In each case this savings is passed on to you.

Creating a memorial

    Who is the Memorial for?
  • Individual
  • Companion
  • Husband or Wife
  • Family

    Where is the Memorial going?
  • Cemetery
  • Park
  • Building

    Are there any requirements?
  • Regulations on style, size or finish
  • Permit fees
  • Position of names
  • Design requirements

    Do you have anything in mind?
  • Initial thoughts and expectations

    Your memories and reflections?
  • Important lettering & design elements you would like incorporated?

    Your budget expectations?
  • What budget range do you and your family feel financially comfortable with?

This is your opportunity to create a personalized memorial that is a reflection of your loved one’s life.
Your patience and reflection ensures that important and special details aren't forgotten.